We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with James Cook University, where Teleportal will serve as a founder in residence at the Cairns Campus. This transformative partnership offers local marine researchers and students the opportunity to harness our underwater robots for both education and data gathering.

Come and join the journey at our showcase in #JCUideaslab. Dive into the mesmerizing allure of the #GBR, witnessing its wonders through a robot’s lens, all while ensuring a carbon-neutral footprint during August and September.

Prioritizing our planet’s well-being, Teleportal stands as the sole #carbonneutral tourism venture on the Great Barrier Reef. Experience the beauty of the reef in an eco-friendly manner – fueled by solar energy and seamlessly connected via Starlink.

A heartfelt shoutout to Dr. Samantha J. Horseman & #AWS for their unwavering support of both Teleportal & JCU Ideas Lab!

Explore the #GreatBarrierReef today at: https://www.teleportal.net/



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