About Teleportal

Teleportal operates a fleet of underwater robots on the Great Barrier Reef.
You can control our robots anytime day or night directly from your web browser.
Our robots have sonar obstacle avoidance and are solar-powered , ensuring an eco-friendly experience.
Educational Sessions are available – bringing the Great Barrier Reef directly into your classroom.

Teleportal Team

Teleportal is a team of scientists and engineers from all over the world who strive to deliver the most exciting robotic adventures direct to your web browser or classroom.

We are always looking for talented people to join the Teleportal Team.

We are the world leaders in virtual tourism and remote educational tours offering unique underwater experiences to our clients worldwide.

Adam Cropp – Founder


Adam Cropp


Jason Perry

Business Development

Albert Jindra

Tourism Partner Development

Norman Griffiths

Design & Manufacturing

Pavel Bobov

Quality Assurance

James Atkinson

Marine Support

Ben Cropp

Location Scouting

Jenny Gilbert

Turtle Research


Thank you to our partners for their generous support.

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Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

INCREDIBLE! Amazing to swim with the fish and sharks from the comfort of my own home. Such a cool robot to use…highly recommend 👌



I learned more about the Great Barrier Reef in an hour with Teleportal than in my whole three years of marine biology college experience.


Marine Biologist

The students found the Teleportal experience really amazing. They were very excited to see so many different species of fish and the Turtle!



Latest User Experiences

We donate 10% of all profits to help disadvantaged students discover the Great Barrier Reef at no cost.
Join us! or Donate Directly.

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Accessible To All

Our underwater robots allow anyone regardless of their medical, financial or geographical restrictions to discover the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef.

Easy To Use

Control our underwater robots directly from any web browser using simple  gaming keyboard commands.

Carbon Neutral Tourism

We are currently the only carbon neutral tourism company operating on the Great Barrier Reef. Discover the reef today without leaving an long lasting impact. 

Teleportal Features

Our robots use the latest robotic technology to deliver high definition video with minimal latency anywhere in the world.

Low Latency

Using the latest AWS cloud based technology our robots have an average latency of 250ms worldwide.

Photo Gallery

Take a photograph of the unique animals you discover underwater, download your photos from our gallery and share.

YouTube Livestream

Watch people control our robots live on the Great Barrier Reef for free.

Teleportal YouTube Channel




CAMERA:    1080p

LIGHTS:      6000 lumens

TETHER:     100M


SIZE:         50x50x26 CM

WEIGHT:     11KG

SENSORS:   Sonar, GPS, 4G, Accelerometer, Magnetometer

Our Dive Locations

True Clownfish

Green Island

Green Island is situated 30km north-east of Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef. It is a long standing marine protected area with a plethora of resident marine life inhabiting its shallow lagoon and fringing reefs.

Learn More About This Dive Site

Threadfin Butterflyfish

Masked Rabbitfish

Six Banded Angelfish

Coral Trout

Getting Started

It only takes a few minutes to create an account and start controlling our robots.

Create Account

Creating an account on the Teleportal website is very simple. You can create an account using your google account, or simply enter your email address.

Purchase Credits

We have a wide range of credit packages to suit all budgets.

Our robots cost between AUD $30-50 per hour to control.

Livestreams are always free to access.

Control Robots

Choose an available robot to control and start your underwater adventure!

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