Pediatric Care Initiative
Oceanic Escapes

At our core, we believe in the power of technology to bring joy and educational value to children facing challenging times, especially those in hospitals. That’s why we’ve partnered with James Cook University to offer a unique opportunity to children’s hospitals: a free trial of our innovative platform. This platform allows young patients to embark on virtual underwater adventures, exploring the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef through the eyes of our remote-controlled robots. It’s an engaging, immersive experience designed to entertain, educate, and provide a much-needed escape from the hospital environment.

Understanding the importance of accessibility and ease of use, our system is designed to be seamlessly integrated into the hospital’s existing entertainment and educational frameworks. With support from James Cook University, we’ve developed a platform that is not only cutting-edge but also simple to navigate for both administrators and users. During the free trial period, we offer full support to ensure a smooth implementation and an engaging experience for the children. Our team is on hand to address any technical questions and to help customize the experience to best fit the needs of your patients.

We invite administrators of children’s hospitals to sign up for this free trial, supported by a grant from James Cook University. This is an excellent opportunity to add an innovative dimension to your hospital’s patient engagement strategies. By participating, you’re offering the children in your care a chance to explore, learn, and be amazed by the natural beauty of the world beneath the waves, all from the safety and comfort of the hospital.

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