Dive Sites

Arlington Reef, Great Barrier Reef

This expedition style dive site is only available in good weather and is better suited to more advanced users.

Users can access 100m of tether and depths up to 16m.

Arlington Reef is situated 40km north-east of Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef. It is a a large coral reef approximately 200 km2 with large amounts of marine life inhabiting its it’s many coral bommies.

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Marine Life

-Green Sea Turtles

-Schooling Fish

-Various Stingray Species

-Passing Sharks

-Pristine Corals

Charismatic Mega Fauna

These animals spend a significant portion of their lives on this dive site.

Green Sea Turtle

Hundreds of green sea turtles call Arlington Reef home.

The green turtle is one of the largest sea turtles and the only herbivore among the different species. Green turtles are in fact named for the greenish colour of their cartilage and fat, not their shells.

White Tip Reef Shark

The whitetip reef shark is a slim, medium-sized shark characterized by its white-tipped dorsal and tail fins that give this species its name. Whitetip reef sharks are known for using their slender bodies to manoeuvre through caves and crevices throughout their coral reef habitats in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Manta Ray

A fully grown oceanic manta ray can reach a wing span of up to 7 metres and weigh up to two tonnes. That’s as much as a white rhino. Its smaller reef cousin grows to 4.5 metres and weigh an average of 1.5 tonnes.

Yellowtail Fusilier

Schooling Fish

In biology, any group of fish that stay together for social reasons are shoaling, and if the group is swimming in the same direction in a coordinated manner, they are schooling.

Bigtail Fusilier

Blue Green Chromis

Giant Trevally

Bluestriped Snapper

True Clownfish

Reef Fish

Reef fish are fish which live amongst or in close relation to coral reefs. Coral reefs form complex ecosystems with tremendous biodiversity. Among the myriad inhabitants, the fish stand out as colourful and very interesting to watch.

Threadfin Butterflyfish

Masked Rabbitfish

Six Banded Angelfish

Coral Trout

Blue-Spotted  Stingray

Sand Dwellers

While there are nearly 500 known species of stingrays, varying in size and colour, the common characteristics are that of being flat and disk-like with fins that look and act like wings. Their tales can either be long, slender, and whip-like, or short and lobed.

Cowtail Stingray

Spotted Eagle Ray

Pineapple Sea Cucumber

Round Ribbontail Ray