Gidarjil Development Corporation

Exploring Traditional Land & Sea Country Using 5G-enabled Drones and HD Video

5G Innovation GRant Program

This is an exciting and innovative project which will use the advanced capabilities of 5G to capture video of important cultural sites, share this knowledge visually to enhance storytelling, and also to create commercial opportunities for the Gidarjil Land and Sea Ranger Drone Program.


The Gidarjil Development Corporation is an indigenous owned enterprise, based in Bundaberg, Queensland. The Corporation was established in 2000 by representatives of the Gurang and Gooreng Gooreng peoples to give leadership and momentum to the economic, social and cultural development of indigenous people.

Our vision at Gidarjil is to become economically independent and to help Indigenous Australians participate in the wealth and prosperity of the broader Australian economy.

Underwater Drone – Teleportal


Control Underwater Robot

You can control our underwater robots from anywhere in the world using your web browser.

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Supported By

Gidarjil Development Corporation is supported in their 5G Program by a large team of experts providing their knowledge and years of experience.


Underwater Drones & UI

Teleportal currently operates a fleet of underwater robots on the Great Barrier Reef.

Anyone can control our robots directly from their web browser.

Teleportal also offers private educational tours, bringing the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef directly into classrooms.

Sea Under Sea

Project Management

SeeUnderSea is the lead partner in delivering the Gadarjil underwater drone program.

Led by Jason Perry, a civil engineer, passionate citizen scientist and experimental technologist.

Mission Robotics

Underwater Drones

Mission Robotics Inc. was founded by Brian Grau, Charles Cross, and Walt Holm, who all met while working together at OpenROV (now Sofar Ocean Technologies). We have a combined quarter-century of ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) design and operation experience, in addition to having worked in the aerospace and autonomous vehicle industries.

Drone Training Solutions

Aerial Drones

Drone Training Solutions is the lead partner in delivering the Gadarjil aerial drone program.

Led by John Coulombe, DTS works with large corporations, small businesses, government organisations, research institutions and individuals, to provide specialised drone training and development solutions to increase the skill levels of employees and researchers throughout Australia.

Mobile Corp


MobileCorp is a communications technology Managed Service Provider, based in Sydney.

We are leading Australian Enterprises down the pathway to 5G adoption.

Our capabilities extend across 5G and Enterprise Mobility, Data Networks and Cloud, Unified Comms and Managed IT.

Gidarjil Rangers

Local Custodians

The Gidarjil Land Rangers focus their work around the Granite Creek area near Bundaberg in Queensland, which is the ancestral home of the Gurang clan.

The Gidarjil Bundaberg Land and Sea Rangers are keen to combine traditional knowledge, practices and lore with western science so they can manage and sustain their Country into the future.